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Theory Test Pro is online learning software for driving theory. It helps your students learn everything they need to pass their test, plus it has features that assist you as an instructor.

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How it helps Driving Instructors

Boost your sales pipeline

Always have a steady supply of prospective students by giving away access to Theory Test Pro and forming early relationships with students while they’re working through their theory.

Stand out from the crowd

Get ahead of other driving schools by offering free online theory training. Not only will you stand out from the crowd but you'll also be reaching learners earlier in the buying process.

Track student progress

Get a true understanding of a student’s progress with online report cards that show their latest study activity and how likely they are to pass the official test.


Why do ADIs love Theory Test Pro?

"I wanted to let you know that all who have checked out the site have in fact been given full access and I have converted them to my driver training. This is a good tool in the box and my pupils just seem to love it."

"My pupils really rate the Theory Test Pro experience and feel that they go in to the test feeling confident knowing that they have all the tools they need to pass first time."

Concept and solution

How does it work?

Send out invitations to try it out

You can sign up as many students to your account as you like. There are no extra costs. They’ll get limited access to 10% of the question bank and a couple of hazard perception clips to get them started.

Watch them progress

You’ll receive real time updates of the study progress for each student you invite. You’ll know exactly how much they’ve been studying, where they’re doing well and where they might need your help.

Upgrade to full access

You can incentivise or reward learners by upgrading them to one of your full access slots. This means they’ll get full access to the entire question bank and all the hazard perception clips.

Powerful features

Theory Test Pro is packed with powerful features that rivals existing teaching materials. There is multi-language support for over 40 languages and text-to speech for those with reading difficulties. Each student's online report card shows a predicted test score as well as adaptive testing that builds tests around each student's weakest topics.

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Our promises

We want you to be happy

Try for two weeks on us

We hope that Theory Test Pro helps you be a better driving instructor. Try us out completely free of charge for 14 days and without obligation. You can cancel at any time.

45-day money back guarantee

We want you to be happy with your decision to subscribe to Theory Test Pro. If after 45 days you decide that you’re not happy contact us for a full unconditional refund.

No Price Hikes

We promise to never increase the price of your plan. When you subscribe the price you pay is the price you keep unless you decide to upgrade or cancel your plan.

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