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Theory Test Pro for Learner Drivers

Theory Test Pro needs some of your personal data in order to provide this service.
You can find out more about the data we need and how we use it here.

Pass first time

The UK average pass rate is 41%. With Theory test pro we double this to over 82%.

Practice Theory Test

We have the full question bank from the DVSA - the guys who run the theory tests.

Hazard Perception Test

We give you the inside track with a full and realistic hazard perception test.

We're completely online

With things like Facebook and Twitter why shouldn't your theory test practice be online too?

Always up-to-date

Because we're online we give you access to always up-to-date questions. Unlike those pesky CDs.

Realistic Tests

Our test software looks exactly like the tests you'll see when you take your theory test. So you'll not get caught off guard.

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