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by Henry Dillon - 42 Secs Read

question markBeing involved in the world of theory tests as we are, occasionally we get requests from individuals who would like to book their tests through us. Being helpful types, we direct them to the relevant Directgov webpage.

A quick internet search, however, reveals that there’s quite a few companies who would charge people for the privilege, sometimes adding up to £20 to the £31 fee charged by the DSA. That’s a 65% price hike!

What do you think? Are these companies providing a useful service, or are they exploiting the unwary? Have any of your students been affected? Do you warn your students about them and link to the official Directgov webpage on your website

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  1. David Brown

    Sorry last comment posted in error before I read it. Q. Why did the DSA change from http://www.DSA. A. Perhaps it makes it easier for the unwary to find a chargeable site. Q. Why. A. Someone or someone’s mate(s) can make money easily. Q. Does any director of any of these companies have a connection with any of the decision makers over this issue? A. I suspect so but don’t have the resources to investigate. Any keen journalist out there? Google DSA and see what links come to the top of the tree. Q. Why is the top one not the official (non- chargeable) site? A.????

  2. garethpearce

    @David. I know the answer to at least two of those questions. The DSA moved from as part of the Government’s directgov strategy to bring all consumer-end services under one roof – this happened across all departments, so I don’t think there’s anything sinister there.

    If you google ‘DSA’ or ‘book theory test’ the official site does come top of the ‘organic’ listings – those sites that appear above it are adverts (you’ll notice the links appear on a light yellow background) who have paid for the privilege of appearing there.

    • Gareth

      @John This article is about booking your driving theory test with the Driving Standards Agency. Booking is supposed to be free, but a number of websites add an an unnecessary charge.

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  4. julie

    i went on a site that comes up first on google ‘book your theory test’, well i spotted on there ‘unlimited re sits if you book now’ so been the mum i am i booked my son his test and thought great even if he fails he will be able to re sit, however, it cost me £59 for the privilege. well as you guessed my son failed and then sent his fail sheet to them for them to book another one ( this was after phoning them for about 20 minutes for them to tell us what to do, costing a staggering £1.53 per minute), hence mum not happy at this point! an e-mail arrives about 7 days later stating that he did not qualify for a re sit due to the number of questions he got wrong! i complained through e-mail due to the call costing me even more money to be told ‘the pass protection scheme is clearly stated on the web site prior to the booking form and in the agreed terms and conditions’ . i went on the site and it is not clearly stated prior to booking form, you get to the end of the booking form and then at the very end of a long terms it is stated right at the end. but nothing prior even stating something like ‘ there are terms attached to re sits!’ what do i do? have i just paid £59 for a theory test and about £30 phone bill to ask what to do next as it does not tell you, and cant do nothing about it or can i take this further because i bet there are many people out there in the same boat??

  5. Earl

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after browsing through many of the articles I realized it’s new to
    me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

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