Top 10 Most Failed Theory Test Sign Questions of 2017

by Brady Myles - 1 Min Read

Get yourself ready for theory test success by ensuring you don’t fall foul of the sign questions that are shown to confuse learners the most.

We’ve pulled together the most failed questions with signs based on the answers of tens of thousands of learners who use Theory Test Pro each and every year. Use the results to ensure that you have no blind spots when it comes to the Highway Code:

10. What does this sign mean?

Two-way traffic crosses a one-way road

9. What does this sign mean?

Contraflow bus lane

8. The driver of this car is giving an arm signal. What are they about to do?

Turn to the left

7. How can you identify traffic signs that give orders?

Red circles

6. What does this sign mean?

End of restricted parking area

5. Where can you find reflective amber studs on a motorway?

On the right-hand edge of the road

4. Where on a motorway would you find green reflective studs?

At slip-road entrances and exits

3. At traffic lights, what does it mean when the amber light shows on its own?

Stop at the stop line

2. What does this sign mean?

Waiting restrictions apply

The Most Failed Theory Test Sign Question of 2017

1. Where would you see a contraflow bus and cycle lane?

On a one-way street.

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