Top 10 Most Failed Theory Test Sign Questions of 2016

by Adam Phillips - 1 Min Read

Give yourself the best possible chance of test success in the new year with Theory Test Pro’s countdown of the most failed sign questions of 2016.

Since the beginning of this year, tens of thousands of learners have taken our mock tests so we’ve crunched the results to give you the top 10 failed sign questions – use the countdown to ensure you get the perfect theory test score in 2017!

10. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: Contraflow bus lane


9. “What does a circular traffic sign with a blue background do?”


Answer: Give an instruction


8. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: Pass either side to get to the same destination


7. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: Minimum speed 30 mph


6. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: End of restricted parking area


5. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: Waiting restrictions apply


4. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: Maximum speed limit with traffic calming


3. “What does this sign mean?”


Answer: Two-way traffic crosses a one-way road


2. “The driver of this car is giving an arm signal. What are they about to do?”


Answer: Turn to the left

The Most Failed Theory Test Sign Question of 2016

1. “What’s the reason for the area marked in red and white along the centre of this road?”


Answer: It separates traffic flowing in opposite directions.

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