Top 10 Most Failed Theory Test Questions

by Adam Phillips - 1 Min Read

Increase your chances of test success by discovering which questions are causing the biggest problems for learners.

Since the beginning of 2015, over 100,000 students have taken 1.9 million tests using Theory Test Pro. We’ve analysed the results and identified the 10 questions that have produced the biggest failure rates among learners. It’s worth bearing in mind that 74,000 students couldn’t answer one of these questions taken directly from the DVSA revision question bank, which represents a huge 70% fail rate.

The following are three examples of the questions commonly failed by students:

  1. A casualty is not breathing normally. Chest compressions should be given. At what rate?
  2. Your vehicle needs a current MOT certificate. What will you be unable to renew without this certificate?
  3. Overtaking is a major cause of collisions. In which THREE of these situations should you NOT overtake?

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  1. Brian Chandler

    The theory test is designed to trip pupils up. It favours people who can pass exams. Those who struggle academically are disadvantaged. Many of the questions asked are totally irrelevant.

    • Darren

      Knowledge is important when you are driving on the roads of today! The theory test can not be any easier! You get the answers to the questions; no other exam does this. So practice more – it’s not there to trip you up. It’s there to see if you understand what you are faced with day in, day out on our roads.

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