Top 10 Most Failed Theory Test Questions of 2017

by Brady Myles - 1 Min Read

Use our countdown of the most failed theory test questions to make sure you’re pitch perfect on the big day.

We’ve sifted through the thousands of dummy theory tests taken by our learners to discover which questions are being failed time and again. Learn the following to help you finish in pole position:

10. You park at night on a road with a 40 mph speed limit. What should you do?

Answer: Park with parking lights on

9. A cycle lane is marked by a solid white line. You must not drive or park in it…

Answer: … during its period of operation

8. You’ve broken down on a motorway. In which direction should you walk to find the nearest emergency telephone?

Answer: In the direction shown on the marker posts

7. What should you do before making a U-turn?

Answer: Look over your shoulder for a final check

6. In good conditions, what’s the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?

Answer: 96 metres (315 feet)

5. A casualty isn’t breathing normally. Chest compressions should be given. At what rate?

Answer: 120 per minute

4. When can you park on the right-hand side of a road at night?

Answer: When you’re in a one-way street

3. Overall stopping distance is made up of thinking distance and braking distance. You’re on a good, dry road surface, with good brakes and tyres. What’s the typical braking distance from 50 mph?

Answer: 38 metres (125 feet)

2. Where may you overtake on a one-way street?

Answer: On either the right or the left

The Most Failed Theory Test Question of 2017

1. Your vehicle needs a current MOT certificate. What will you be unable to renew without this certificate?

Answer: Your vehicle excise licence.

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