Top 10 driving theory questions that trip up most learner drivers

by Henry Dillon - 1 Min Read

Here’s a statistic that surprised us, only 46% of test candidates pass their driving theory test on their first attempt. That’s a terrible first time pass rate – it means that more than half of people fail the theory test on their first go.

Obviously preparation is a key factor in being able to pass, but we wondered whether there were particular questions that caused learners to fail.

To work this out, we analysed over 2 million driving theory tests from 150,000 test candidates that used Theory Test Pro.

The results highlighted 10 questions that 40% of learner drivers fail to answer correctly.

40% of learner drivers can’t answer these questions

  1. You are involved in a collision. What documents may the police ask you to produce?
  2. Name three situations where you may overtake another vehicle on the left?
  3. When can you drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line?
  4. How can you identify areas reserved for trams
  5. You have broken down on a motorway. When you use the emergency telephone what information will you be asked?
  6. Where would you find reflective amber studs on a motorway?
  7. You are in a collision with another moving vehicle. Someone is injured and your vehicle is damaged. What four things should you find out?
  8. If your car has unbalanced wheels, what can this cause?

2 out of 5 learners don’t know these road signs

There were also two road sign questions in the top 10. Here’s the first one.

And the second trickiest trickiest road sign is this one.

Again, only 40% of learners managed to correctly identify either of these road signs.


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  3. Shaz

    I just passed my theory
    None of the above questions were asked at all
    Just revise a heap beford hand
    Eg books,dvd, mock theory’s online
    Defo watch intro at test centre
    Everyone is nervous and a lot of people fail first time nothing to worry about

      • MRme

        i passed first time by chance 🙂
        but it really depends on which questions come up the practical is a bit harder
        my friend passed on his 3rd go and my cousin on his 7th

  4. Driving School Wirral

    Fantastic article. I would completely agree that 40% can’t answer those questions. Many learner drivers expect to breeze through the theory test, when in fact it takes a great deal of revision and dedication. This same dedication can then be applied to passing their practical driving test.

  5. Sabina

    I feel so stupid iv failed theory test 7 x I have read the books discs and I pass at home but not in test centre I’m currently in college and was given opurtunity life time to become a tutor in Beauty therapy such a great job my dream but then she said I need to drive and what a devastating blow I really want to pass this test soo bad any help or advice I read 565 pgs of the whole book

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