“Stupid” Learner Arrested for Taking Driving Test in Stolen Car

by Brady Myles - 2 Min Read

The driving test is tough enough without turning up to your big day in a motor you’ve just ‘borrowed without permission’.

For one man in Birmingham, his big day turned into a self-inflicted disaster. First, he took a white Mistubishi Outlander ‘without the owner’s consent’.

The learner then drove it unsupervised to his local test centre, ‘failing’ to ‘remember’ you must be accompanied by someone over the age of 21 who has a full driving licence whenever you are behind the wheel.

The learner then took his test – which he failed. For the tenth time.

To round off his truly miserable morning, the learner was then arrested for car theft.

Going viral

Adding justified insult to injury, the learner then became the subject of online mockery when West Midlands Police posted about his arrest:

“Welcome to the world of stupid,” it snipes. “Male turns up at the driving test centre for his driving test. Having driven himself there unsupervised. Then fails his test for the 10th time. Male arrested by D unit Newtown for TWOC [taking without the owner’s consent] offence.”

‘World of pain’ may be more suitable though as if he is found guilty, the not-so-smart learner could end up being locked up for six months plus be subject to an unlimited fine.

History repeats itself

Only two days later and another learner driver turns up for his driving test at the very same centre, both unsupervised and uninsured.

He went on to fail his test for the ninth time (after unsuccessfully arguing with the examiner that he really, really should have been passed). At least the learner didn’t turn up in a stolen car – but the BMW he arrived in was seized by the police.

Pity the police

While you may not feel sorry for the two learner drivers – and why would you? – you might want to take a moment to consider the tough lot in life the West Midlands Police has.

Not only is it responsible for trying to police one of the UK’s car crime capitals, it has to put up with absurd behaviour from drivers on a daily basis.

From a motorist being done for drug driving after overtaking three cars illegally outside a police station to the plonker who drove to his probation meeting in a nicked car, no wonder the police are getting so frustrated that they are resorting to calling some drivers ‘stupid’ publicly.

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