Revealed: How To Share Or Verify A Driver’s Record

by Adam Phillips - 1 Min Read

On June 8th, the paper counterpart will be no more and if you have one, you will need to destroy it. But with that done, how should learner drivers show they have a clean driving record to a potential instructor – and how do ADIs actually check that record for themselves?

The DVLA has just released finalised details on the all-new verification process; first, on how to share your driving license details if you’re a learner and second, how to check a student’s status if you’re an ADI. Both require the creation and use of a one-off code that the learner creates and the ADI can then use to check the student’s record held on the DVLA’s database. Here’s a quick overview of both processes:

How learner drivers can share their driving record with their ADI

    1. Head to
    2. Enter the driver number and postcode shown on your licence plus your National Insurance number.
    3. Confirm that you have read the privacy notice.
    4. Click on the ‘View Now’ button.
    5. Select the ‘Share your licence information’ tab found in top right of the window.
    6. Click on the ‘Create a Code’ button.
    7. Make a note of the check code which is generated for you – remember it is case sensitive.
    8. Share this check code and the last eight characters of your driving licence number with your ADI so they can view your driving record online.

2015-05-21 03.03.13 pm

Remember – the check code is only valid for 72 hours after creation and can only be used once.


How ADIs can check a student’s driving record

      1. Head to
      2. Enter the last eight characters of the driving licence number you want to check; this information should have been given to you by the student along with their check code.
      3. Enter the student’s check code.
      4. Click on the ‘Check Licence’ button.
      5. The student’s record will be displayed; from this window, you can also print or save out the record or check another licence.

And that’s it – as long as there are no technical gremlins, the new process should be simpler and more reliable as it offers more up-to-date information than the details featured on that archaic piece of paper currently clogging up drivers’ wallets/purses the length and breadth of Britain.


  1. James

    As a driving instructor, I am really not looking forward to this change. It seems it is simply designed to make things harder for anyone that needs to check a driver’s licence. So this is going to require us to check the drivers licence before we even turn up for the lesson otherwise the pupil may not be able to drive the car. The first lesson will now be spent checking details of the licence instead of learning to drive.

    • Steve Allen

      As a workaround for ADIs, how about telling the student that they need to do the check on their phone before their first lesson, screenshot it and show it to you on the first lesson. SIMPLES!

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