New Videos to Improve Learner Awareness of Motorcyclists

by Brady Myles - 3 Min Read

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has introduced several new videos highlighting how learner drivers must increase their awareness of motorcyclists when out on Britain’s roads.

The series of new computer-generated videos depict several scenarios showing the dangers drivers pose to motorcyclists if they are not paying attention when behind the wheel.

They have been created by the DVSA in partnership with safety campaigner Ria Brisland whose 19-year-old son, Nick, was killed in a collision with a car in 2015 while riding his motorbike.

Since then, Ria has campaigned tirelessly for motorcycle awareness to be made part of learner driver education. While the videos won’t be included in the actual theory test, they will be available as part of the DVSA’s official learning materials and education products.

The sample video shown here depicts a real ‘blink or miss it’ moment that underlines just how easy it is to not see a motorcyclists in typical road and weather conditions:

Too many motorcyclist deaths
As well as being motivated by Ria’s campaign, the DVSA is also aware that the current situation for motorcyclists and their safety is unacceptable. While motorcyclists only make up 1% of all road traffic, they accounted for 19% of all deaths on our roads in 2017.

Critically, 2,656 motorbikes were involved in accidents because either they or a car driver weren’t looking properly.

Getting everyone to be aware of their fellow road users at all times is essential if we are to prevent collisions and the devastating consequences they can have on families.
These new clips are thought-provoking and will make a difference to the way people look for bikers. They may prove the difference between life and death.”
– Ria Brisland, safety campaigner & motorcyclist

Motorcyclist Nick Brisland was killed in a collision with a car in 2015.

Six top tips for increasing motorcyclist awareness

The DVSA offers clear advice on how to become more aware of vulnerable road users including motorcyclists:

Always look
When at a junction, ensure you double check before you pull out. Is there a motorcyclist behind that oncoming car who could be about to overtake? Wait if you’re not sure – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Go slow
When turning right across a line of slow-moving or stationary traffic, look out for motorcyclists on the inside of the traffic to ensure you’re good to go.

Scan blindspots
Whether changing lanes or going round a roundabout, always double check your blindspot; motorcyclists can easily be obscured by glaring sunlight or the pillar of your car.

Keep your distance
Never get too close to a motorcyclist when behind them as this can unsettle riders who lack experience plus increase the chances of an accident because of a reduced stopping distance especially in the wet.

Check around you
Always check around you if you’re planning to turn left or right as motorcyclists can over- or undertake you – and if you aren’t fully aware of your surroundings, it could lead to an accident.

Be aware
Before pulling out and driving off, be sure to check for riders who may be about to come past. When parked up, check the road is clear before opening your door out on to the road. To be extra safe, we recommend you learn how to do the ‘Dutch Reach’ – read all about it here.

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