New Video Explains the New Driving Test’s Big, Big Changes

by Brady Myles - 1 Min Read

With the new test touching down next week, now’s the ideal time to learn about what the changes are and critically, why they have been made.

The Driving Instructors Association has released a new video that offers an overview of what the biggest and most significant changes are to the test. “We put this walkthrough together because, whilst there are a number of DVSA publications about the changes (i.e. ‘the whats’), there wasn’t a lot pointing out the ‘whys’,” explains Carly Brookfield, the CEO of DIA.

Reacting to the news that some examiners are not happy with some of the changes – including the ‘pulling over to the right and parking up’ manoeuvre – and are planning to strike next week, Brookfield says that “whilst [the video] does talk positively in the main about the key developments to the test, we are mindful of some of the concerns members still have about the implementation of the changes and… we still continue to have a dialogue with DVSA about those points.”

Brookfield says that the DIA will be monitoring, evaluating and feeding back to the DVSA based on the real world experiences of their members and whether changes need to be made to ensure that every aspect of the new test is a change for the better.

In the meantime, watch the video below to make sure you’re ready to roll come December 4th:


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