Men vs. Women: Who Are Better Learner Drivers?

by Adam Phillips - 1 Min Read

To settle the argument once and for all, insurer Admiral teamed up with the Driving Instructors Association to uncover which gender is best behind the wheel from learning to drive through to heading out on to the road as a qualified driver.

First, instructors were asked if gender actually makes a difference to learning to drive – and the answer? A resounding yes with 67% of instructors saying they think gender has an impact and for male learners, it’s good news – well, at first glance at least:

Which gender is quicker at learning to drive?

Men 74%     vs.     Women 26%

But dig deeper and the gender advantage becomes less clear cut:

Which gender is more focused when learning to drive?

Men 38%     vs.     Women 62%

According to instructors, each gender’s strength and weaknesses are also different:

Pros: Confidence • Coordination
 • Spatial awareness
Cons: Over-confident
 • Don’t listen to instruction.

Pros: Listen to instruction
 • Not competitive 
• Self aware
Cons: Lack of confidence
 • Over-cautious.

A mixed bag then – perhaps then pass rates can shed some light on the age-old argument? According to the Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency:

Theory Test
(passed first time)

Men 48%     vs.     Women 51%

Practical Test
(passed first time)

Men 51%     vs.     Women 44%

So that’s a little too close to call – but out in the real world, the difference a gender can make becomes all too apparent:

more men aged between 17-18 make accident claims than young women

more young men have accidents where someone is injured than young woman

91% more
The average cost of an accident involving a young man compared to one involving a young woman.

The bottom line? When it comes to safer real world driving, statistics show young women are ahead with men potentially remaining over-confident after they’ve passed the test. Does your own real world experience back up the official research though? Let us know below.

– To read the full report, click here.

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  1. Bryan Greenall

    The statistics very often do not lie. The same appears to happen for the women versus the men on fully qualified experienced drivers. I have an infographic and official survey statistics indicating women are the better all round driver over on my website blog if you care to add a link to it. Safety issues always pop up on this kind of survey with women totally outstripping men in nearly every aspect. As a driving instructor for over 10 years in Milton Keynes. I have come to the conclusion that women are better at some driving techniques while men outdo women in other areas. This evens itself out usually. Men tend to be better at spatial awareness exercises, while women are the ones who will not take a risk, although, possibly leading to hesitation faults. I completely agree with your pro’s and cons. There are arguments pro and con for both sexes in my opinion and I like to come to the conclusion it is really a 50/50 split for the most part. A nice post.

  2. Juenothing

    Has been research that women are far better drivers than men and have far less accidents which led to their insurance quotes be in lower. Unfortunately due to pathetic political correctness in the EU this is an area that has caused discrimination against women. women’s premiums have been raised in line with the premiums paid by men. Well isn’t it a shame that you haven’t done that to women salaries, bought them up in line with male salaries.

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