Learners to Be Allowed on Motorways in 2017

by Adam Phillips - 1 Min Read

The government has been considering allowing learners to drive on motorways with their instructor since 2011 – today it has been announced it will finally happen.

Learners will no longer be left on the hard shoulder when it comes to driving on the motorway. Instead, they will be able to take voluntary lessons with an approved driving instructor (ADI) as long as the car is fitted with dual controls. Critically, it will be up to the ADI to decide if the learner is fit and ready to head out on to the motorway.

According to the government, the groundbreaking change will allow learner drivers to:

• get broader driving experience before taking their driving test

• get training on how to join and leave the motorway, overtake and use lanes correctly

• practice driving at higher speeds and put their theoretical knowledge into practice too.

Do bear in mind that it remains illegal to have lessons on a motorway at this time – and that the government will officially announce when the new law comes into effect during 2017.

The casualty statistics tell us that motorways are our safest roads, but they can feel anything but safe to a newly qualified driver heading down the slip road for the first time to join a fast moving, often heavy, flow of traffic. Many are so intimidated by the motorway environment that they choose instead to use statistically more dangerous roads, so we welcome this move which will help new drivers get the training they need to use motorways safely.”

– Steve Gooding, Director, RAC Foundation

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Image © Highways England

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