How To Avoid Choosing A Dodgy Driving Instructor

by Adam Phillips - 2 Min Read

Avoid falling foul of dire driving instructors by using powerful online search services including the DVSA and Theory Test Pro’s directories to locate the best in your area.

Finding an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) can be intimidating for any new learner. There are many questions that must be asked from whether the instructor has the right teaching style for you to if they are even fully qualified in the first place. It’s why Driving & Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) has updated its ‘find driving schools, lessons and instructors’ service that allows learners to search through the 26,000 ADIs across the UK.

Qualified and Approved
Using the service, learners can locate ADIs who are committed to developing their skills every year and follow the code of practise laid down by the DVSA. They must also have been checked to ensure they don’t have a criminal record and that their teaching ability has been fully assessed  by the DVSA. The updated service offers genuine reassurance for students – and parents – that they are in the safest pair of hands possible.

Critically, ADIs can now link their websites to their DVSA directory entry, enabling them to display prices, the make and model of the car they teach pupils in and pictures of themselves so pupils know that the person turning up in that driving school car is who they say they are.

It’s vital to choose the best approved driving instructor for you. They’ll help you learn the essential skills, knowledge and understanding you need to drive safely once you’ve passed your driving test. Making sure learner drivers have access to information that helps them choose the best instructor for their needs is part of our strategy to help you stay safe on Britain’s roads.”

– Gareth Llewellyn, DVSA chief executive

Finally, also check out Theory Test Pro’s directory service, which offers an extensive list of approved driving instructors with links to their websites. Simply enter your postcode and you will be presented with ADIs in your area who not only offer an excellent service but also use Theory Test Pro as part of their teaching method.

• For more information on how to choose the right instructor, check out our beginner’s guide to learning to drive here.

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