The iPhone Set To Stop Drivers Texting At The Wheel

by Adam Phillips - 1 Min Read

With drivers still continuing to use their mobiles while at the wheel, the maker of the iPhone, Apple, has decided to introduce a mode that could cull the killer practise overnight.

We all know that using our phones while driving is bad news – you are four times more likely to have a crash according to the British Medical Journal plus 60% of car accidents in the UK were caused by phone use in 2016.

But motorists don’t seem to be getting the message; even with new laws that could see new drivers losing their licence instantly if caught, over 200 drivers were caught each and every day in March using their mobiles. Perhaps then it is unsurprising that mobile phone makers are now stepping up to help us keep our eyes off our mobiles and on the road.

Enter Apple who announced this week that it is introducing a powerful new feature on the next version of the iPhone’s operating system (iOS 11): ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’. When the mode is enabled, the iPhone detects when you may be driving and darkens the screen so any incoming notifications won’t distract you.

To ensure your contacts aren’t left in the dark as well, the mode can automatically send notifications to those trying to contact you, telling them that you can’t respond because you’re behind the wheel and won’t be available until you’ve reached your destination. If you should still be tempted to reach for your phone though, the screen will remain locked while you are moving, stopping you from accessing distracting apps.

Thankfully, passengers wanting to use their phones need not fret – they can choose to opt out of the system and resume their WhatsApping unimpeded. While drivers can simply not enable the mode, we nevertheless feel that the feature is an important one for encouraging drivers to help themselves – and to keep their licences and driving safe.

– iOS 11 will be available to download in the autumn.

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