Uncover the best 7 New Year’s resolutions for learners

by Brady Myles - 3 Min Read

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means if you’re a learner, it’s the ideal time to make some new year resolutions about the future of your driving.

To help set some practical targets, here’s our list of resolutions to help ensure you pass your theory and practical tests in 2018.

Resolution 1: Book those lessons!

Don’t hesitate – promise yourself that you will get learning as soon as possible. Locate a driving school or instructor in your area either using the DVSA’s service or Theory Test Pro’s directory and get your lessons underway. Fingers crossed, someone will have given you some cash for Christmas so you may have at least part of the costs covered already.


Resolution 2: Learn all about the new test

Vow to learn how each of the tests operates to remove the ‘fear’ factor. For instance, the all-new practical driving test was introduced on December 4th, incorporating a series of changes from sat nav use during the independent driving section to new manoeuvres plus safety questions asked before and during the test. Need a helping hand? Learn all about the new test here and discover what to expect when arriving for your theory test by clicking here.

Resolution 3: Listen to your instructor

Promise yourself that every time you get in that instructor’s car, you will listen and learn from someone who has years of experience teaching young people to become safe motorists. If you have questions, concerns or even fears, air them and your instructor will be more than happy to address them. Also, put the time in learning the Highway Code so you master the theory test – instructors offering Theory Test Pro can really help here by monitoring your progress via the app, spotting any weak areas and addressing them in your next lesson.


Resolution 4: (Private) practise makes perfect

Time for your loved ones to make a resolution as well; private practise is essential for any learner wanting to pack in as much driving experience as possible, and heading out with an experienced driver can make all the difference between gleaning a pass or a fail. So ask a driver who you trust to make some time in their schedule to take you out on the road. It will help build your confidence and could also help save on professional tuition fees; with most of learners taking 40+ hours of driving lessons before landing that license, every moment at the wheel helps.

Resolution 5: Stay focused

Promise yourself that you won’t fiddle with, say, your phone while driving – not only do you risk losing your licence before you’ve even got it, you could become one of the 60% of teen drivers each year who are involved in an accident because they were distracted driving. The very best thing to do? Turn off your phone altogether until you reach your destination.


Resolution 6: Thank the bank of mum and dad

There’s a good chance that learning to drive will require some financial help from your folks, family and/or guardians. While they’re probably not expecting you to repay them (well, not yet anyway…), make sure that when you do pass that you at least write them a thank you card, buy them a gift, offer to drive them all over the place – and perhaps most importantly, promise them that you will drive safely now and in the future.

Resolution 7: Don’t stop yet!

Passed your test? Now vow to be an even better driver than the rest by signing up to a PassPlus course or Institute of Advanced Motorists scheme. By investing even further in your driving, you can become ever more confident and experienced, ensuring you’re fit to drive in all and any conditions.


Making new year’s driving resolutions isn’t just for learners; Young Driver, the pre-17 driving school, recently revealed the results of its survey of seasoned drivers to see what their resolutions for 2018 were. Here are the top five resolutions:

1. To check tyre pressure and oil levels regularly (24 per cent)

2. To learn how to parallel park properly (17 per cent)

3. To conquer the fear of driving on motorways (16 per cent)

4. To get better at reversing (15 per cent)

5. To not get road rage (14 per cent).

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