Blame Game: Which Driver Is At Fault? You Decide

by Adam Phillips - 2 Min Read

Show off your Highway Code knowledge by acting as judge and jury on this selection of six driving cock-ups – and decide who you think is at fault and critically, why.

The proliferation of dashcams in cars and trucks has seen the internet becoming littered with thousands of clips of truly terrible driving. In some cases though, it’s not always clear just who is at fault for causing a crash, smash or simply a good old-fashioned shouting match.

So use your Highway Code knowledge to decide who is in the wrong – and why – in this round-up of some of the most outrageous driving foul-ups we’ve come across:

Clip 1: Car Vs. Lorry Junction Crunch

This incident filmed at a junction on to a dual carriageway has split opinion down the middle. It shows a blue Toyota pulling up to the left of an HGV at a junction; the truck moves off, striking the car before dragging it up the road. But is the truck driver to blame here?

Clip 2: Learner Scooter Vs. ‘Hot’ Hatch Showdown

A learner scooter rider vents at a Vauxhall Corsa driver after the the car cuts him up by performing a U-turn in the road – but is the scooter rider right to lose his rag? Be warned – this clip contains strong language.

Clip 3: Cyclist Vs. Cop Car Standoff

A cyclist takes offence to a police car passing him too closely – but the police driver disagrees, believing that the cyclist wasn’t giving other road users enough space to pass. Cue a standoff between the two with neither willing to take responsibility – but who is in the right? Skip to 1.20 to see how the incident unfolds.

Video: Evo Lucas

Clip 4: Motorcyclist Vs. Car Crash

A driver cuts in front of a motorcyclist as it turns right, leading to the biker going over the bonnet (fret not, he survived the accident). But who is to blame for the what could have easily been a fatal crash?

Video: Usman Feroze

Clip 5: Bus Vs. Car Backoff

A Ford Focus goes to overtake a bus pulled up at a bus stop – but the bus driver pulls out. Cue the car having to brake hard and drop back. Did the bus driver have the right of way or was their manoeuvre dangerous?

Video: Sammy Millar

Clip 6: SUV vs. Parking Smash

According to the insurance companies involved in this caught-on-camera reversing fiasco, both drivers are at fault because they were both reversing at the time – but who would you deem the guilty culprit for this feckless fender bender?


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1 Comment

  1. Emma Ashley

    1. Silver Car – undertaking! Total lack of appreciation of the risk…
    2. Black Car – Inappropriate place to do a TiR
    3. What a stroppy cyclist! I’d have booked him for being a bolshy git!
    4. Both were foolish – Looks like a left turn only lane but can’t tell for sure. Therefore motorcyclist was in the wrong. However, car should have taken more care.
    5. Blue Car – Bus was indicating and car driver should have been anticipating it anyway
    6. Black Car – Obviously didn’t check behind him at all!

    These examples show that the skills required to drive safely these days go way beyond what is required by the Highway Code. It’s no longer a case of driving by the book…

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