Road Crossings: Everything You Need to Know

On November 16, 2018 By Brady Myles

A recent survey has revealed that four in five of us are unable to identify a pelican crossing – how about you? It’s not only pelican crossings that are causing confusion for us Brits – the survey carried out by Admiral Insurance also uncovered that 85% of drivers and pedestrians didn’t know the difference between a… Read More

Meet the Instructor: Amanda Aldridge

On October 31, 2018 By Brady Myles

Former coach driver turned driving instructor Amanda Aldridge reveals what she thinks about the current driving test – and why some examiners must be more respectful to learners. Operating across the Leicester and Loughborough areas, Amanda is part of the Acclaim driving franchise, winning over students with her positive and empathetic approach to teaching. Here… Read More

‘Dutch Reach’: What It Is & Why It’s in the New Highway Code

On October 19, 2018 By Brady Myles

In a bid to cut the number of cyclists injured or killed on our roads, the latest version of the Highway Code will now include details of the ‘Dutch Reach’. The technique is designed to protect cyclists from riding into car doors opened by unobservant drivers or passengers. Instead of the driver opening the door… Read More

Controversial New Test Manoeuvre Improving Learner Safety

On October 11, 2018 By Brady Myles

New data reveals that the controversial new driving test manoeuvre – pulling up on the right hand side of the road – could be boosting learner awareness, making them safer, better drivers. When the new driving test was introduced at the end of last year, many of the changes were welcomed – save for one, which… Read More

Level Crossing Lunacy: Nearly 50 Vehicles Hit by Trains Every Week

On October 5, 2018 By Brady Myles

A new report has uncovered the risks UK drivers are taking when confronted with a level crossing. According to new research, one in seven drivers admit they would ignore red lights and jump a level crossing. Such absurd risk-taking probably explains why 46 incidents involving vehicles happen every week on the UK’s level crossings. Over… Read More

Uncovered: New Driving Laws You Need to Know

On September 28, 2018 By Brady Myles

There are a host of new laws and schemes being introduced – or under consideration – that will significantly impact on your driving life. From renewed calls for a Graduated Driving Licence scheme to the police using double decker buses to spot distracted drivers, we offer a breakdown of some of the new laws, schemes and technologies… Read More

Tailgating Crackdown: ‘Stay Back to Stay Safe’ Says New Campaign

On September 20, 2018 By Brady Myles

Driving too close behind another vehicle is causing 100 deaths or serious injuries a year on our roads and motorways according to research – and Highways England thinks it’s high time we all woke up to the dangers of tailgating. The government agency has launched a new campaign that addresses the issue by focusing on new… Read More

Meet the Instructor: Ellis Wood

On September 13, 2018 By Brady Myles

Deciding to become a driving instructor was a no-brainer for former web developer Ellis Wood – but qualifying to become one proved to be the real challenge. Operating across Hartlepool and the Teesside area, Wood has been an ADI since 2016 after establishing his successful driving school Driving with Ellis. Here Wood talks about why he… Read More

More Young Drivers Hitting Parents’ Wallets to Cover Motoring Costs

On September 7, 2018 By Brady Myles

A new report reveals that newly qualified motorists are having to rely on their parents’ deep(ish) pockets more than ever to cover the cost of their motoring. According to Compare the Market, over half (52%) of 17-24 year olds turned to their parents to cough up cash to stay on the road over the past… Read More

Women ARE better drivers than men – but take longer to pass test

On August 31, 2018 By Brady Myles

A new study has revealed that women are safer drivers than their male counterparts – but it takes them longer to get a pass in the driving test. According to research, it’s women who are in pole position when it comes to committing the least amount of motoring offences, being involved in the least number… Read More

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